About Us

“The Balcony Woodshop” is the online presence of David Hoffman’s home woodshop, which is literally located on the balcony of his small condominium in Renton, Washington.  David’s goal for The Balcony Woodshop is to share inexpensive ideas and practical solutions to small home projects for other diy’ers, as well as real woodworking projects and questions with the vast and vocal online woodworking community.

Having begun as a “power tool guy,” David is converting to (almost) exclusive use of hand tools.  This has two motivations: his workshop’s location on the second floor in a condominium building, and David finds hand tools far more interesting than his array of power tools.  He would probably be considered a “hybrid” woodworker by most woodworkers.  The first all-hand-tool project he’s tackled is a truly petite Roubo-style work bench, inspired by who else, Christopher Schwarz.

David Hoffman works in Bellevue, WA for a local trade association.  By God’s grace he has been married to Sarah since October, 2007.  Their son Gideon has brought joy and excitement to their family.

The Hoffman Family

Sarah, David and Gideon Hoffman


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